Ooligan Press

Portland State University’s Graduate School in Book Publishing is a two year program that includes a student-run publishing house called Ooligan Press. They are one of 10 master’s departments in the country that offer a program in book publishing, but the only one who offer a press where students can make real books.

They have about 60 people enrolled at all times, with the application process happening once a year. Our goal was to increase enrollment as a whole by highlighting the hands-on aspect of the program, with a focus on diversity in regards to background and skills. But most importantly, to make people aware of how they can use their love of books in the real world, no matter their background.




Caitie Sauer 

Yan Hao Tan

Celeste Wechter

Account Managers

Jeanie Ng 

Bailey Arvidson-Goodell

Art Direction

Danielle Emeka 

Bao Phan 


Roark Nelson 

Kevin Nickoloff 

Ashley Peters 

Maranda Seney 


Sam Barnes 

Tobin Carlberg