Olympia Provisions asked FIR NW to make their holiday campaign more unique. In the past they relied heavily on coupons and 25 days to Christmas countdown strategies to incentivize their audience to choose their products. This trained their audience to wait for coupons before buying their product causing a loss in perceived value and a loss in profit.

To engage Olympia’s customers and create value for them, we sought to create a campaign that inspired them to choose Olympia products for their parties, work events, family gatherings or as gifts for the gastronome in their life.

So we developed the Olympia Provisions Holiday Survival Guide. This magazine contained a mix of engaging articles that featured common mishaps that can occur during the holiday party process, recipes that featured Olympia products, and a gift guide to inspire their audience to buy Olympia for the holiday season.




Theresa Nguyen 

Taylor Wood

Account Managers  

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Art Direction

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