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Helping puppies make good decisions starting at 8 weeks old.

Walks don’t have to be a drag.

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We train party poopers.

Lucid Dog Training

Lucid Dog Training was launched in 2014 by Katie Brower & Chris Wojda in Lake Oswego, Oregon with the original purpose of saving dogs from shelters. Chris and Katie are business partners who’ve combined their backgrounds in Account Planning and Adult Education with their passion for dogs.  

The company operates within a 15-mile radius of Lake Oswego, as well as in the Alberta and Mississippi neighborhoods. When they came to us, Lucid wanted to increase demand for their training and increase their customer base. More specifically, they wanted people who understood the importance of building the best possible relationship between owner and dog.


Account Managers 

Perlita Azures-Flores

Bailey Arvidson-Goodell 

Theresa Nguyen

McKenna Dover


Kevin Nickoloff

Taylor Wood 

Art Direction

Tamim Almosalam 

Danielle Emeka 

Bao Phan 

Savannah Quarum

Bingbing Zhang


Laken Garman 

Caitie Sauer


Tobin Carlberg

Logan Evans

Jake Floeter

America Hall