Thank you for your interest in contributing towards our scholarship & the event! Please choose from the following options:

Our Sponsorship Tiers & Packages

  • Silver Sponsor ($500)

Your agency on the EventBrite page, on the itinerary, and to be included in our opening speech. You also get 5 reserved seats in the sponsors seating section!

  • Gold Sponsor ($1000)

Everything Silver gets plus be on our list of official sponsors! Your logo on our promotional materials & banners, a shoutout both during the event and from the official PSU School of Business school-wide newsletter for their coverage of the event. You’re invited to our reception before the event at 5:30pm to meet the panelists and our FIR students! 10 reserved seats in the sponsors seating section.

  • Diamond Sponsor ($2500)

Everything Gold gets plus a 5-10 minute speech slot prior to the panelists. You will be on all of our media channels prior, during and after the event. Your name/logo will appear on everything, and we mean everything. 25 reserved seats in the sponsors seating section.

  • Other (any amount)

Would like to contribute but is on a tight budget? Please donate any amount you feel fit and please get in touch with us later. We will personally send you a thank you note and discuss other potential perks that aren’t listed here to express our gratitude! Anything helps! :)

Please email us at FIR@PDX.EDU if have any questions or after you’ve completed your donation, and we will be in touch!

In the meantime, please check out our agency’s portfolio and reserve your free tickets for the event below!