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This Fall, on Friday, October 6th, come celebrate the collective creativity and passion of fellow PSU students and alumni in a creative marketplace at the brand new Karl Miller Center on PSU campus. The KMC Bazaar will showcase the various forms of student and alumni talent at Portland State in a fun and inspiring atmosphere that allows students to sell and promote their products, services, and art. Portland State University has been the launch pad for many successful entrepreneurs and artists in the past and continues to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in its students. In a world where a degree alone cannot ensure success, the diligence and passion of student’s personal crafts, hobbies, and interests are what may end up propelling them into accomplishing their dreams. The KMC Bazaar’s purpose is to encourage students to continue pursuing their dreams and interests in a way that connects them with the community while offering a space to facilitate success.

We’re all in this thing together. Let’s help each other create our own unique paths to success.


Sign up for the KMC Bazaar through Tuesday, September 26th.

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Are you an artist looking to sell pieces in the gallery? A maker who wants to set up booth in the bazaar? We can't wait to see you and your work!